Discussions with people who inspire me about the things we wish we'd known earlier.  

After reading her exceptional book, "What Women Want", I started the series with the ever articulate and inspiring comedian, writer, speaker, mumma and lover, Nelly Thomas.

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I feel like each year that we get older, we spend more time thinking about the 'meaning of life' and what our ‘purpose’ is but actually more time realizing that there might not be a greater meaning, only the meaning we create for ourselves and what purpose is important to us as an individual.

We also seem to be generally working on how to be the best version of ourselves or at least a version that we are comfortable with and hopefully happy with. I think that comes from wisdom and experience. Often we spend the first part of our lives building up a persona or shield of what were supposed to be like or what people want us to be like and then we spend the next part of our lives deconstructing those choices and repairing our relationship with our actual selves and the better we get at being ourselves the better we feel and ironically the more the right people, love and respect us.

ThAT being said, I think the purpose we could have, is connecting with each other.  the more comfortable, safe and happy we are, the easier and more enjoyable that will be.  I think one of the best ways to connect with a broad range of people is in a visual medium.

So I think the secret that's not actually a secret at all, is education and information, but less formally.

In this series, it is tips, wisdom and experience from people who have already lived through a little bit more of their lives. I see articles saying ‘things I wish I had known in my 20s or in my 30s’ but they are pitched at people who are verging on those age brackets, but what if we could find that stuff out earlier, maybe it won't resonate with us straight away, maybe it'll take a few years for it to sink in, but at least we'll have heard it early. Possibly a tip or piece of advice that will help us make sense of our own lives and experiences faster. 

We're not cheating or skipping ahead, we're just maximizing our time in this world, by understanding ourselves better we can enjoy ourselves sooner. And hopefully therefore be kinder and more compassionate people.

 Basically this is a quest for knowledge and wisdom and education, and if we can avoid one 16 year old or one 23 year old or one 32 year old from feeling like they are living their lives the way they have to, that things can't be different or that their current patterns will continue to manifest well into their 20s or 30s or 40s, then we will have succeeded.  We all worry too much and maybe these wisdoms will help someone worry less or at least more efficiently.

I believe there is self-awareness in age, and I also think we should be able to share it.

 It won't resonate with everyone but it will always resonate with someone.

The things we wish we'd known earlier, the things No One Told Me.