Want. Best. Truth. Choices.

There is something powerful yet overwhelming about living in the 21st century.
The internet has gifted us with information and cursed us with information.
For every eye-opening, uplifting, sense-of-belonging moment there is a judgemental, hate-filled, expectational comment or thought.

So how do you move forward anyway, how do you let go and lean in to who you really are?

Well, you just need to. Being your best, truest self, as alienating or ostracising as that may feel is the best way to surround yourself with your best people and also serve others in your best, most honest and loving way.

So you are constantly asked, what do you want? Who are you? What do you stand for?
What do you choose?

As a society we love labels. We need labels. To help the right people find you.
But labels can be limiting.
Especially when you feel like you can’t pick just one.
Or you sit in the middle of more than one.

But you ask yourself anyway.

Do you prefer city or country?
Apartment or cabin in the woods?
Nomadic travelling or domestic stability?
Do you like nights in or nights out?
Being alone or being with people?
Do you want to write fiction or non-fiction?
Are you more business or artist?
Imaginative or decisive?
Mature or immature?
Sporty or Lazy?
Fancy or casual?
Are you logistical or creative?
Left brained or right brained?
Do you want to be intense or light?
Dramatic or calm?
Sexy or sweet?
Are you Assertive or passive?
Brave or scared?
Selfless or self interested?
Feminine or masculine?
Flawed or flawless?
Perfect or imperfect?
Do you like writing or talking?
Do you like girls or boys?

And in the words of an adorable child in a Soft Taco versus Hard Taco advertisement;

You simply answer, “Why can’t we have both?”.

Sarelizah x