Just Starting.

It never seems to matter how many times everyone tells you to just start.
You can spend a small fortune on inspirational quotes, postcards and cute prints.
All with the same message.
'Just start.'
'Starting is the hardest part.'
'You’ll never know until you start.'
'Don’t hold back.'
'If not now then when?'

And so on.
Into infinity of inspiring and urging.

Because your loved ones, other creative makers and the universe all know the same thing.
A. There’s something inside of you.
B. It’s probably pretty good.
C. Even if it’s not very good, someone else in this world needs it, other than you.

So stop being a self sabotaging scaredy cat and just get on with it.
You think it’s indulgent and self entitled to think your words/art/projects are worth creating.
When the people who actually know you, say it’s a selfish disservice to keep it inside you.
Inside your mind.
Inside your heart.
Where no-one can really see it but you.
What is the point of that?

You need to fight yourself and your overthinking and your self sabotaging and just fucking do it.
Sit in your shit and start.
It’s impossible to edit a shitty first draft that doesn’t exist yet.
Because what’s the harm?
You’re not in any actual danger.
Your keyboard isn’t going to blow up.
Disclaimer: it could blow up, but extremely unlikely.

The worst that can happen, is not much happens. 
Minimal reaction or response.
Maybe someone will say they don’t like it or don’t need it.
And so what.
The best that can happen is that someone does react.
Maybe many people resonate.
Maybe they like it, maybe they needed to hear it.
Maybe it made them feel less alone, maybe it saved their life.
Either way, you’re ok.
You’re great.
And it was worth it.
To check, for you, for them.

So fucking make the thing.
Write the thing.
Stand on your head and recite a poem.
No-one cares what it is or how you do it.
They care that you did it.
You care that you did it.
Don’t let some tall poppy bullshit or abandonment fear, hold you back.
Art is important.
Art is how humans make sense of the world.
Make the world hold meaning.
Because if we didn’t reflect, review or invent...
How would we ever learn anything or stumble across discoveries?

It will always be worth it.
So start.
Share (or not).
And then do it all over again.

Chances are if you start, you’ll like it.
And before you know it you’ve done it.
Well done you.

Now do it again.

Sarah x